Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Using data from financial institutions in smart city projects

In january 2021, imec-SMIT researchers organized an expert roundtable on the use of open banking or PSD2 data in smart city projects. The focus of the roundtable discussion was on describing use cases and conditions, discussing safeguards, being transparent to citizens as well as getting them engaged, and creating the trust necessary to set up such ecosystems for data exchange.

Participating experts represented local or regional authorities, financial institutions, technology companies, and academics. While the names and affiliations of the experts remain confidential to stimulate a free discussion, the report is publicly available. The results of the roundtable were also discussed on a Data-Date organized by the Knowledge Center on Data & Society (report and video recording, both in Dutch).

The roundtable was organized within the frameworks of the VUB Chairs on Data Protection On The Ground and on Smart Cities.