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Registrations for the second semester courses in the Media Economics Program for professionals are now open!

The Media Economics Program for professionals – three more courses to keep you in the know!

Do you want to get an advanced crash course on the interplay between Media Economics and the Technology, Digital advertising and Audiovisual Productions? Join the second semester of the Media Economics Program for professionals to stay up to date.

  1.  Technology, Innovation and data – 10 – 12 February
    This training sheds light on the interplay between upcoming technological evolutions and their(possible) impact on the media industry and their economics. As the media industry takes time to catch up with technological innovations, being informed about trending technologies is important to imagine the future. More profound insights on phenomena like AI, distributed systems, internet-of-things, virtual and augmented reality and distributed systems as blockchain are discussed and innovators in the media and telecom domain present their experiences.
  2. Advertising in a digital era10 – 12 March
    Advertising is a driving force of our commercial media sector, as it supports the creation of qualitative content. With the emergence of new advertising formats, the traditional audience measurement systems come under pressure and need to be revised. You will get acquainted with new formats,  gain insight into the different workflows and will also develop an understanding of user perspectives on advertising in the digital age, business-related aspects and privacy issues.
  3. Media Economics of Audiovisual Productions– 5 – 7 May
    Since audiovisual production still forms the beating hard of content industries, and core to the business models of global players entering European markets, like Netflix, Amazon, Disney and increasingly Apple and Facebook, it’s crucial to understand why these players invest in original programming, how they do it, and how it impacts traditional media industries in Europe.

Renowned academics as well as industry speakers will get you up to speed with the most recent trends, insights and future paths for media industries in the widest sense today.

All courses are taught online so there is no need to get to Brussels.

The Adapted program
Each month there will be 3 days of lectures, each day consisting of three 45 minutes-lectures.
Registration is required. Cost of one training is 150 Euro, discounts apply for multiple reservations.

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[Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash]