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The Media Economics Program for professionals goes online!

A new format for a Covid 19-proof learning experience

The Center for Studies on Media Innovation and Technology (SMIT) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel is moving its Media Economics educational program for professionals online.

Do you want to get an advanced crash course on the economics of copyright, the interplay between audiovisual policy and economics, mergers and acquisitions, digital commercial communication, audiovisual production, or the economics of journalism? We offer 1 foundational course and 7 thematic courses that deal with these topics.

The courses in October, November and December focus on Media markets, the law and policy:

  1.  EU digital single market and audiovisual policies – 28 – 30 October
    For company lawyers and staff of research, government or strategy departments with interest that need to stay updated on European media policy this crash course on how policy-makers and EU rule-making impact the business of media? In this course, we not only discuss existing regulations but also how they have impacted advertising, video-on-demand, European content, etc. through the years
  2. Copyright law and economics – 25 – 27 November
    For professionals working at media and telecommunication regulators, as policy and legal advisors in national or European institutions as well as lawyers and legal scholars. Europe has new rules to ensure people and companies get paid fairly when they produce and distribute content. In this course, we will go deeper into these new rules and the changes they bring.
  3. Mergers and acquisitions in media, telecommunications and ICT markets – 9 – 11 December
    Why do media, electronic communication and platform companies buy other companies?
    Can they buy whoever they want on the terms they want or are there annoying European and national authorities intervening? For junior and senior management within media, electronic communications and platform, company lawyers, lobbyists, consultants.

Renowned academics as well as industry speakers will get you up to speed with the most recent trends, insights and future paths for media industries in the widest sense today.

All courses are taught online so there is no need to get to Brussels.

The Adapted program
Each month there will be 3 days of lectures, each day consisting of three 45 minutes-lectures.
Registration is required. Cost of one training is 150 Euro, discounts apply for multiple reservations.

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