Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Tomas Ambra

Senior Researcher

Personal Description

I am a senior researcher at imec-SMIT and visiting professor at Hasselt university. I also act as the Chairman of TG2 at the European Technology Platform for Logistics (ETP-ALICE). At SMIT I work on transversal topics that concern data governance, business modelling, data and AI as well as policies and initiatives that bring relevant technological solutions closer to reality and end-users. My interests further touch upon data spaces, ICT and digital twins. Prior to joining imec-SMIT, I worked at imec EDiT and MOBI-VUB where I had authored, co-authored and/or contributed to various national and international projects such as cSBO Dispatch, cSBO PILL, H2020 CityLab, H2020 Pioneers, HE ReNew and cSBO Sytadel.

I hold a PhD degree in applied economics from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, and a master’s degree in Geographic Information Systems from KU Leuven. From a fundamental point of view, I have combined features of multi-agent systems, discrete event simulations and geographic information systems. These features are of importance to quantify diverse technological and societal challenges. In 2018, I was honoured by receiving the 1st prize for cross-modality from the European Commissioner for Transport and DG for Research and Innovation.

Digital solutions are my passion. However, our society and businesses should not be blinded by the “brightness” of various shiny objects and technologies; my work focuses on ensuring truly sustainable and relevant solutions/processes. To that end, the interdisciplinary nature of SMIT plays a crucial role.