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Personal Description

I am enthusiastic about learning and working with innovations that have the potential to greatly impact our lives. For this potential to be realised, I believe in the essential importance of comprehensive business models that not only helps bringing successful products to the market but also anticipating ethical challenges and targeting the social impact that such technologies cause to a global economy and to connected societies. SMIT is in a crucial position to help convert these needs into reality by providing quality research and being in close contact with the industry. I hope to contribute to this goal by bringing in my business and financial background.

In the spring of 2017, I finished my MSc in “International Business-Finance” from Maastricht University. One year later, in March of 2018, and after having passed 2 CFA exams, I joined SMIT as a junior Business Model researcher. Currently, I am working on the 5Guards project, which, broadly, investigates the potential of a future 5G network.