Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Milica Lazarevic


Personal Description

Milica Lazarevic has been a PhD researcher at imec-SMIT VUB since 2021, as a member of the Data, Government and Communities Unit. She got selected for the position of PhD researcher for the BNP Academic Chair Digital Inclusion: Are the basic rights of people still guaranteed in a digital society?. The research is focused on two parts, the first focus is on how digital is the societal norm that is put forward in Belgium in the different life domains and how does this affect the human rights of citizens, while the second focus is on how digital is the personal norm of Belgian citizens, how was this influenced, positively and negatively, by the Covid-19 crisis and how does this impact the use of digital public and private services.

In 2020, she obtained the degree of Bachelor in Social Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels and Ghent University. She wrote a bachelor’s paper on the topic of “Applicability of media literacy in the education system of secondary schools in Montenegro”, taking one step further in revealing this critical issue for the educational community of Montenegro. In 2021, she completed the Master of Communication Studies: New Media and Society in Europe with great distinction at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels. She did her master’s thesis on the topic “Information literacy of employees in the state administration bodies of Montenegro”. In her thesis, she advocated that information literacy is necessary for a modern person to be a competent participant in public and social life.