Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Mehdi Montakhabi


Personal Description

Having ways to predict the future and further, making the future buildable, is an appealing endeavour especially in the business world. In the vague business science this becomes possible through disciplined, organised, and professional scientific research. By gathering professional researchers, providing specialised managerial support, high quality instruments, and offering expert supervision, SMIT is an amazing place for any researcher. My engineering mindset, business knowledge, entrepreneurial and market experience, as well as my desire to learn aligns well with SMIT’s mission and goals. Having the privilege of working with a professional research team and synergic outcomes of transferring ideas with bright minds in SMIT provides a unique environment for researchers to grow. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Master’s in Entrepreneurship, and another Master’s in International Business. My MBA and DBA were in marketing.

I worked several years in high-tech industrial firms’ marketing followed by an entrepreneurial adventure in retail sector: running a chain of restaurants. I continued my career as the executive manager of a consultancy firm in shopping center management. I was honored to be the deputy secretary of the Council of Shopping Centers in Iran while directing an educational and analytical monthly magazine in the retail sector. I have translated two books to Persian (Farsi): “Successful Marketing Strategies for High-tech Firms” and “The Complete Guide to Shopping Center Management”. I was also involved in a two-year long case study in the retail sector. The outcome was published as a book: “An Entrepreneurial Overview of the Fast Food Industry”. Last, but not least, I have some hands-on experience with quantitative research, a skill I utilised while preparing my recent thesis.