Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Lawrence Van den Bogaert


Personal Description

As technology has become so intertwined with our daily private and professional lives, the importance of designing it consciously and with intent can not be stressed enough. To that end, I believe that involving the right stakeholders (end-users, professionals, policy makers, …) is essential. I am fascinated not only about how these stakeholders’ voice(s) can be captured and understood, but also how their (possibly latent) creativity and imagination can be sparked and facilitated through creative research methods such as board games or co-creation sessions.

My academic career started in 2018 at the KULeuven Meaningful Interactions Lab (Mintlab), where I worked on various research topics such as mid-air haptic feedback (identifying possible applications for this novel technology, as well as co-designing interaction patterns for it); algorithmic transparency (making the algorithmic curation in news selection more transparent and user-controlled by co-designing News Recommender Personae); and museum visitor experiences (grasping both digital and non-digital needs of visitors of Museum Hof van Busleyden). I have published at conferences such as CHI and EuroHaptics, and was a contributing author to Springer’s 2021 Advances in Longitudinal HCI Research. I have also guest lectured at the Human Computer Interaction course of professor Zaman at KULeuven.