Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Laurence Claeys

Senior Researcher

Personal Description

Bringing knowledge of engineering and social sciences together to create a common story of the future is my passion. As culture is often lagging behind the technological inventions, I am always in the front row to try to influence inventions in a way that makes them meaningful and empowering for citizens, organisations or society. I am mostly triggered by upcoming technologies (Internet-of-Things, distributed ledgers, chatbots, …) and love trying to re-model the underlying architecture and data-models to get a product or service from an invention towards an innovation.

After finishing my PhD in Communication Sciences, I worked for some years in Alcatel-Lucent (currently NOKIA) where I was fully immersed into the telecom ways of thinking, doing business and innovation. After this experience I was so passionate about technology that I chose to combine an academic carreer at the VUB and SMIT with the foundation of an Internet-of-Things company.