Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Jorre Vannieuwenhuyze


Personal Description

Cities inevitably become smarter and smarter by adopting new ICT applications for solving urban problems and taking policy decisions. However, such smart city deployments should be developed as a service to the citizens (i.e. citizen-centric). For that reason, it is necessary to investigate citizens’ opinions, attitudes and behaviors regarding smart city technologies and policy priorities. Such an investigation is something I have always liked to conduct. After all, with my background in sociology and statistics, I am well trained to deal with the large variation in people’s knowledge, trust and familiarity with technological applications within smart cities contexts.

I hold a master degree in sociology (UGent, 2007) and statistics (KU Leuven, 2009) and completed a PhD about statistical models for survey errors and survey data quality (KU Leuven 2013). I have been lecturing classes about statistics and methodology at different universities and worked as a consultant for private, public and academic clients and as a biostatistician in the pharmaceutical sector.