Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Jonas Albert

Senior Researcher

Personal Description

 Ever since I was working as a paramedic with the German Red Cross during my time of service in Germany, I knew I wanted to keep working in the field of healthcare, with the ultimate goal of helping people. Digital Health innovations have the potential to not only be useful, but to truly transform how we receive and administer care, creating massive societal benefit. I made it my goal to make sure that these Digital Health innovations make it from the drawing board to reality and are sustainable. To achieve this goal, I am conducting business research in health-related projects and also developed a Business Model approach dedicated to Digital Health innovations. In addition I focus on enriching and enhancing the interplay between traditional R&D, user research and Business Model scenario building, to create sustainable innovations.

Being involved in the exploitation and valorisation activities in numerous projects and coaching Digital Health startups on a regular basis, I am particularly pleased that our newly developed Business Modelling method is deployed extensively in European projects and in startup coachings. Given my background of working for a University Hospital in patient management and analysing health landscapes for an US-based university, I am happy that I can continuously bring in my health expertise at SMIT.
I hold a Bachelor in Economics & Law, an Bachelor of Honours in International Business Studies and have graduated in 2014 in International Health & Social Management. I have been at SMIT since April 2015. In that time I have been working as the designated expert for health-related projects and connected business research as well as Business Modelling and exploitation strategy for projects from all of SMITs domains.