Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Ilse Mariën


Personal Description

I’m a full-time researcher and mom of four (yes, 4!). Passionate about life, laughter, music of all-kinds and living life to the fullest. Going with the flow on all unexpected little things and journeys that come along wherever, whenever and with whomever. Researching the societal impact of digitization processes and studying who’s subject to digital exclusion, and moreover what policies, actions and initiatives are needed to make sure every citizen can participate in today’s digital society. A true believer of bottom-up participatory action research as a way of developing sustainable innovation and inclusion policies and strategies. A teamwork-driven Robocup Junior coach on the side. I absolutely love to get girls, boys and their parents (over)excited about Lego Mindstorms, MakeyMakey’s and other S.T.E.A.M. technologies.

Ilse joined SMIT in 2007 where she has worked on several research projects related to social implications and policy aspects of digital media. In February 2016, she successfully defended her PhD which focused on

  1. A new theoretical framework on e-inclusion,
  2. Policy recommendations with the aim of countering digital exclusion and creating a digital, but inclusive society for all Flemish citizens, and
  3. Valorisation materials with and for civil society actors that can be used to identify and map the digital profiles of their target groups in order to develop appropriate and tailored interventions to combat digital exclusion of at-risk groups.

Currently, Ilse is leading the BELSPO granted IDEALiC project, which focuses on setting the new scene of e-inclusion policies. Over the years Ilse has built a great deal of expertise on e-inclusion theories and policies, doing research with vulnerable groups and groups at risk of digital and social exclusion, and innovative, interactive, participatory and action-oriented research methods. In addition, Ilse has built an extensive network among civil society and policy actors that deal with issues related to e-inclusion.

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