Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Daniela Gallardo Padgett


Personal Description

I was born in Honduras, where my interest in technology was ignited by its potential to make healthcare affordable and accessible. My work a Biomedical engineer made me aware of the possibilities of using digital health to counteract some of the biggest deficiencies in the system. For this reason, I continued my master studies in the field of Healthcare Technology in Estonia. The entrepreneurial focus of my studies and practical experience I gained working with med-tech start-ups during these years made it evident that to achieve the true potential of digital health, it is necessary to discover new ways of making innovations sustainable. Given the complexity of healthcare systems, sustainability represents a great challenge that starts from the moment the solution is conceptualised and continues through its development and commercialisation.

Innovative business models for emerging technologies are essential and provide a pathway towards achieving their economic sustainability. I joined imec-SMIT-VUB in May 2018 where my focus is on business modelling and economic evaluation of digital health interventions. I am excited about exploring new approaches to deliver solutions that achieve high value for patients as well as all other stakeholders in the healthcare system. Currently, I am involved in the European project ProACT, that aims to develop and evaluate a digital integrated care ecosystem to support patients that live with multimorbidity.