Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Cora van Leeuwen


Personal Description

The crossroads where new technologies encounter and interact with our values and morals is what fascinates me. The impact of users on determining the possibilities of technologies and the change that technology can bring to a person’s life is an essential research topic. Especially in the domain of healthcare. Researching the ways in which technologies can assist us in taking better care of ourselves and others is what motivates me.

In September 2006 I obtained my Master of Arts in English Language and Culture at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam with a focus on Postcolonial Literature. After several years of wandering Europe and working, I decided that it was time to set out on a new path. This decision resulted in a Master of Science in Communication Studies (with Great Distinction) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels. Where I focussed on the impact of users on innovation and the issues surrounding privacy and censorship. My thesis investigated if ageism is encountered in Flemish and Dutch Fall Prevention Videos. In July 2018 I joined imec-Smit, currently I am mainly involved in the European ProACT project, which aims to develop and evaluate a digital integrated care system for older adults with multiple illnesses.