Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Cătălina Dumbrăveanu


Personal Description

Cătălina Dumbrăveanu is a PhD candidate at imec-SMIT. Her research focuses on understanding models of e-participation in the European Union (EU) and the integration of participatory policymaking throughout different phases of the policy cycle. Another area that she is exploring is the media’s role in the creation of a European public sphere.

Her research interests derive from political science, combined with media and communication studies. She holds a degree in International Public Management and Public Policy from Erasmus University Rotterdam, with a public administration certification from Bocconi University, and is a licentiate in International Relations.

Additionally, she is an experienced EU project manager who has worked in civil-society and media-related projects, in the non-profit and corporate sectors, in several EU and Eastern Partnership countries. Since 2019, she has been managing Stars4Media, a cross-border collaboration programme for the European media sector focused on media innovation.