Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Astrid Hoerée


Personal Description

I’m Astrid Hoerée, 39 years young. Social, entrepreneurial and creative.

Since April 1st 2020, I’ve been active at SMIT as ‘Educational Coordinator DataBuzz’.
More specifically, I design and supervise tailor-made DataBuzz workshops.

I was previously a trainee social worker at JES vzw where I set up training courses for STEAM youth work, in collaboration with Nerdlab and De Creatieve STEM, led by Pieter Duysburgh. The latter brought me into contact with SMIT.

Educational projects and engaging young people are the two common themes of my career. I just finished an additional training as a social worker. The skills I have obtained there are also something I wish to bring to the DataBuzz project. I’m eager to reach everyone with the workshops, with extra attention to the most vulnerable in society.