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Roundtable report: data protection in the media sector

The chair on Data Protection On The Ground organized a roundtable discussion on personal data protection in the media sector in February 2019. The participants represented different stakeholder groups in the sector: news media, telecommunications providers, civil society, academia, the data protection authority, law firms, advertising technology and intermediaries. During the discussion, these experts indicated that the sector struggles with a lack of clarity when it comes to personal data protection.

While some of this unclarity may be intentionally created by lobbyists and the use of so-called dark patterns, a major part of it has to do with the novelty of enforced data protection legislation. Interpretations of what is required differ and some manage to push through their interpretations more than others.

To achieve more clarity, collaboration is an important first step. The report of the roundtable details various ways to collaborate. It also includes a number of other recommendations to improve personal data protection in the media sector.

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