Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Trustworthiness in Data sources

Project Description

The TUDA project started from SMITs research on tackling trust in data-driven innovations. A good understanding of the underlying data used in such innovations is crucial for the end-users trust. Hence, TUDA aims to bridge the gap between understanding and trust by proposing the use of a datachecklist in the context of dataspaces. The checklist is designed to gather technical information about the context, traceability, and quality of a dataset, and translate that knowledge into an easily comprehensible output which can be shared with the end users while also ensuring that the dataset is up to defined standards. This assessment examines datasets of dataspaces and comprises the requirements of different stakeholders such as legal, business, and technical ones to underscore the creation of trustworthy dataspaces.

Although this research was first conducted in the context of smart cities it moved on to explore how it can be useful on the health sector for federated dataspaces. As such, different templates for checklist are being developed:

  • General data checklist for the health sector
  • Data checklist for a specific health sector (e.g.: cardiology, neurology)
  • Data checklist for specific use cases