Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Smart Retail Dashboard

Smart Retail Dashboard - a data-driven decision support tool for policy-making and actions to strenghten the local economy

Project Description

The increased demand for data-driven policy making in the retail sector led to the ‘Smart Retail Dashboard’ project, funded by the Flemish Governmental Agency ‘VLAIO’ (Vlaams Agentschap Innovatie en Ondernemen), which is responsible for innovation and entrepreneurship. The ambition is to develop a data dashboard that centrally collects, analyses and visualises all relevant data to enable data driven decisions for policy makers in the local economy department.

The Smart Retail Dashboard gathers different existing data sources both from within the government (including socio-demographic data, data on opening hours etc.) as from external/ private/smart city data sources (telecom, banking, mobility data…). Next, the data will be visualised in a Smart Retail Dashboard. This dashboard would support policy makers and eventually retailers in making decisions based on actual smart city data. The policy makers can develop data driven policies and monitor and evaluate actions. Affordability and accessibility of the data by the local policy makers are crucial criteria for the development of the dashboard, which will be developed by a Flemish consortium of technology companies.

SMIT performs the feasibility study in different phases:

  1. Defining the needs, challenges and requirements regarding the use of data of cities and retailers;
  2. Defining the conditions and availability of private data sources;
  3. Develop a sustainable governance and business model that can connect the various partners in the ecosystem
  4. Evaluating and piloting of the Smart Retail Dashboard, 5) Measuring the impact of the dashboard into the data driven decision support systems of the cities