Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Robot Enhanced Remote Semi-Closed Loop Medical Therapy

Project Description

Enhanced and personalized patient education, guidance and therapy

The ROBO-CURE consortium intends to research the use of social robots to educate and guide patients and gather valuable patient data and apply it to enhance and personalize therapies. In addition, the project will investigate the use of machine learning technology in conjunction with medical expertise to streamline automated data management and analysis towards the development of personalized therapies.

Requirement gathering, business modeling and co-design in ROBO-CURE

In ROBO-CURE, SMIT will lead the requirements gathering and business model validation process. They will also guide and support the process of co-designing the envisioned ROBO-CURE system.

  • Requirement gathering: Gathering social requirements for the ROBO-CURE system based on literature study (e.g. on digital tools for patient education and therapy) and ethnographic research (i.e. current practice on diabetes therapy adherence)
  • Business modeling: Mapping current value models for offering patient education and therapy and establishing and evaluating possible go-to-market strategies for the ROBO cure system
  • Co-design: Channeling input from stakeholders (incl. children with diabetes, their parents and caregivers), helping to set priorities for the ROBO-cure system and informing design based on field trials in a hospital and home setting