Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Developing and implementing innovative Patient-Centred Care Pathways for cancer patients

Project Description

The overarching goal of MyPath is to develop and implement innovative patient-centred care pathways, configured on a user-friendly digital platform called MyPath. Patient-centred care pathways are care plans tailored to an individual patient based on both clinical and patient-reported data. Through real-time communication, the MyPath solution will facilitate shared decision-making between patients and health care providers.

Successful implementation of MyPath into routine cancer care will significantly improve the quality of and access to care for patients, family members, and caregivers. In addition, it will facilitate the organisation of care for health care providers at many levels. These outcomes, in turn, will help to reduce the physical, emotional, and economic burden linked to cancer

The role of SMIT

Within MyPath SMIT is responsible for the analysis of ethical, legal, socio-cultural, and economic aspects as well as supervising the implementation study from its user-centred Living Lab approach. With the different stakeholders in the different trial sites (one of the trial sites is UZ Brussel), together with the VUB End of Life research team, we do a formative implementation study of the digital solution under development. This is done by involving iteratively via observations, interviews and workshops the different stakeholders in the different trial sites reflecting on the design of the digital solution and the new clinical process they need. For this, we follow a multi-user approach (with patients, clinicians, other staff …) to evaluate the different socio-cultural aspects during the final implementation phase of this project.