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Local Digital Toolbox

Roadmap for the Local Digital Toolbox

Project Description

The Local Digital Toolbox procurement – advancing initial stages for the transformation of smart communities (Service contract EU) contributes to the EU aim to create a European Local Digital Twin (LDT) toolbox in support of the ambition to increase the use of LDTs and the digital maturity of cities and communities in the EU in general.

This project focuses on the less-ready rural and urban EU cities and communities, to increase their speed towards adopting local digital twins and democratising technology across the EU. This is done by means of addressing the gap in awareness and readiness between EU communities and cities (lot 1) and by a.o providing a detailed digitalisation roadmap, online advisory services to assess communities’ technological readiness for implementing MIM-compliant local data platform and online technical assistance (lot 2).

The project is a collaboration between 8 (lot 1) and 12 (lot 2) international (consultancy) companies, universities, research organisations and network organisations

The role of SMIT

Within this project, SMIT will focus on the review and analysis of the digital health framework and indicators for smart cities and communities and the analysis of the reports from the LORDIMAS digital self-assessment tool (lot 1) and on the development of a data governance structure for LDTs as well as how to use LDTs in the data-driven policy decision processes (lot 2).s.