Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel


HospitaL-centric AI Selection and Operationalisation blueprint approach

Project Description

AI opportunities are numerous for hospitals, but their implementation is slow compared to the benefits they could bring. Hospitals are very complex structures, which complicates the identification and implementation of transformative AI projects. The project aims to bring together experts to jointly develop a methodology for identifying AI opportunities in hospitals for the common good enabling a blueprint of the implementation trajectory with its challenges and opportunities that will support the change trajectory ahead of the hospitals

Role of SMIT

Besides coordinating the project, SMIT will cocreate a new pragmatic methodology by (1) exploring the underlying social structural and cultural factors to (dis)enable AI implementation and (2) create the process and tools to use these factors to guide different hospital stakeholders to converge on a de-risk innovation trajectory to further initiate its RDI activities and provide support in RDI projects of (Brussels) industry and health care organizations.

Digital transformation in the NHS – what can we expect in 2023? - Med-Tech Innovation