Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Immersive Experiences around TV

Project Description

A new form of broadcast omnidirectional video, content production and delivery

Virtual reality and 360° video are used more and more in applications such as gaming and online video. The question is what these types of visualisation can mean for the broadcast sector? ImmersiaTV aims to revolutionize watching TV at home. It will assemble an end-to-end toolkit for the production and delivery of immersive TV content. This will result in a new audiovisual experience where the traditional TV set is combined with second screens, such as tablets or VR glasses, in a coherent way. ImmersiaTV will present its results in 3 demo’s including on-demand and live viewing.

Capturing user experiences and market opportunities

SMIT’s responsibilities in the project:

  • Capture TV viewers’ and producers’ expectations with regard to immersive TV
  • Measure and evaluate participant’s quality of experience during the pilot testing
  • Analyze the current and future market for immersive audiovisual products
  • Guide partners’ valorisation by offering business modelling, consulting and communication services