Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Inclusion through Digital Empowerment and Autonomy across the Life Course

Project Description

IDEALiC: Solutions for mechanisms of digital exclusion

The ongoing digitization of public and private services has led to an increased risk among the general population of being or becoming digitally excluded. The IDEALiC project aims to address these issues by focusing on setting the new scene of e- inclusion for the upcoming years. The central research question of the IDEALiC project is how e-inclusion policies and initiatives can provide solutions for the mechanisms of digital exclusion that coincide with the digital turn.

Combining user research, comparative research and policy analysis

Both project partners – iMinds SMIT and FTU Namur – have expertise that is situated at the fore end of (inter)national scientific knowledge on e-inclusion. With the IDEALiC project both partners aim at taking e-inclusion research in Belgium to the next level by applying an innovative approach at theoretical, empirical and policy level. The IDEALiC project is therefore structured around 6 work packages, and is built upon an interdisciplinary methodological approach that combines qualitative user-oriented research, comparative research, and policy analysis. It also entails a basic quantitative data- analysis from existing data sources.