Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Dataspaces-in.EU – Realising a data space that works for all European citizens

Project Description

The DS4SCC (Dataspaces-in.EU – Realising a data space that works for all European citizens) is a project within the Digital Europe program. This data space for smart and sustainable cities and communities project aims to evolve the blueprint for the smart communities data space in 10-12 pilots, which will validate it in real life to deliver a sustainable European data space that works for all citizens. Therefore, the project will establish a federated and innovative Data Space, conduct pilots, refine the Data Space Blueprint and foster Innovation and align with the ecosystems.

The role of SMIT

SMIT will develop an ethical assessment method for dataspaces, set up a dedicated monitoring instrument to assess and evaluate the different Data Space pilots and provide them with support and training with regards to multi-actor scoping and needs assessment.