Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Distributed Semantic knowledge infrastructure for complex Service Composition

Project Description

In this project a Knowledge Infrastructure is envisioned that enables a constant stream of data between the different services providers which work together to provide a personalized, context-aware application to the end-user by automatically exposing gathered data as a service and constructing workflows in a completely distributed fashion.

To realize this vision and from the use cases described above, four key research challenges can be identified:

(1) Exposing and integrating the knowledge and data delivered by various services,

(2) Automatically construct dynamic workflows based on these services to obtain a particular functionality requested by the end-user,

(3) Ensure that the services and workflows are able to cope with the huge stream of continuous data in a performant and scalable fashion,

(4) Enable that these workflows meet the personalized demands of the end-user in terms of reliability, robustness, trustworthiness, privacy and security.