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Meauring customer experience

Project Description

About the project

Companies are placing increasing importance on the whole of the customer experience, ensuring customer satisfaction at every step, from ordering to use. Every form of contact or interaction (a touchpoint) can be important in this respect. The relevant data for this is very diverse and difficult to measure and evaluate centrally, let alone compare with possible competitors. However, this is important to decide which investments and improvements are most important to increase customer satisfaction and sales. Today, Digipolitans offers this service as a scan of a company and its services, albeit relying on a lot of manual work. This project examines whether this can be largely or fully automated, without lowering or even – on the contrary – increasing quality

Role of SMIT

Within this project, SMIT will investigate how customer experiences can be measured, and more specifically how Digipolitans’ touchpoint scan compares with traditional customer surveys. This will examine which interactions are important in all possible service contexts, versus which interactions only matter in certain situations. In addition, we examine which aspects of the customer experience are minimum requirements, and which aspects can make a difference.