Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Content Personalisation Network

Project Description

Addressing diversity through personalisation

CPN aims to develop a new approach to personalisation of digital content. In the long run, this will allow large and small media companies to better target content to media consumers. For media consumers, it will enable a better delivery of news,
insights and information, in the right format at the right time, and better suited to the media consumer’s context. To do so, CPN will work on an innovative virtual open platform, to be tested within media organisations existing operational infrastructure.

Our role: From defining requirements to innovation transfer

Within this EU project, imec-SMIT’s role is to define user requirements and facilitate the creation of a user scenario that will guide development throughout the project. In addition, imec-SMIT will work on user context modeling, that is essential in delivering a personalised media experience. Once prototypes created in the project are mature enough, imec-SMIT will coordinate the pilot testing and contribute to their validation. Finally, imec takes the lead in disseminating the project and maximising innovation transfer.