Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Coordination mechanisms for the sharing of energy through proxies, from the user to general guidelines

Project Description

The goal of the COOMEP project is to co-create a socio-technical distributed coordination mechanism based on proxies that is fair towards its users and the community, while not being manipulative, enhancing rather than diminishing the agency of those concerned. A specific objective is to actively involve users in the design of the socio-technical coordination mechanism so that they have an understanding of the most important choices. Where possible users are involved not only in choices but as constructive conversation partners for AI designers, voicing their concerns that risk being unaccounted for when only a selection of data sources or socio-technical coordination mechanisms are taken into consideration.

Role of SMIT

Within the project, SMIT is responsible for the coordination and socio-technical research. It will create a citizen jury, create ‘translations’ of AI proxies together with our technical partners, and define a citizen jury method for use after the project in the BCR. This will be done by using boundary objects (which are information carriers that travel between different disciplines and use a simplified, common language). The boundary objects or translations will enable a citizen jury to evaluate the proposed AI proxies with regard to how this would fit in their daily lives and what ethical values and alternatives to consider. Qualitative research methods such as interviews and focus groups are used to interact and collect the necessary data.

citizens' jury