Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Climate change citizens engagement toolbox for dealing with societal resilience

Project Description

Climate change is one of the most critical issues to tackle today as it is foreseen to have detrimental social, environmental, and economic impacts in the near future. The ambition of the CLIMAS project is to support a transformation to climate resilience by offering an innovative problem-oriented climate adoption Toolbox, co-designed together with stakeholders by applying a values-based approach, design thinking methods and citizen science mechanisms. It is expected that the use of the Toolbox will anticipate possible tensions, points of controversy and dilemmas vis-a-vis the adaptation to resilience – therefore enabling empowerment and engagement strategies that produce a society “resilient by design”.

The role of SMIT

SMIT’s role in the project is twofold. First, a citizen-collaborative future scenario building methodology is developed and deployed. It will mobilise both the field of ‘Future Studies’ through the organisation of participatory future workshops, as the field of ‘Science and Technology Studies’ by adopting the analytical framework of Sociotechnical Imaginaries. Second, an online tool for scenario prioritisation will be developed. Based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) the task will design an MCA approach which will allow analysing of uncertainties in prioritisation. This tool will help citizens to explore their attitudes and values towards different climate-resilient scenarios in a simplified and accessible way.