Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Providing requirements for data acquirement for local governments

Project Description

Data sources within cities provide information on mobility-related topics, such as the number of pedestrians or parking occupation in a specific area. However, a clear overview of different types of data is required by cities to support data-driven policy making. CityFlows is a model that provides a standardised multimodal view on mobility flows that allows for comparisons across time and space. This model can be combined with other data types, e.g. ticket sales, to apply in fields such as mobility, events, tourism, or crowd-management.

Role of SMIT

To meet the needs of local stakeholders, SMIT researchers conducted a series of co-creation workshops with local governments and data providers. The focus of these workshops was the creation of a set of specification texts that can be used by local governments when acquiring new data. To this end, we identified the needs of the local governments in the acquisition process and translated these needs into concrete requirements for their legal specifications. The results were gathered in a handbook that local governments can consult when working with data in a city context, e.g. when evaluating a new circulation plan.