Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Citizen Science Contact Point

Supporting the development of a central Citizen Science Contact Point at the VUB

Project Description

The Citizen Science Contact Point, or the CSCP, is an initiative of VUB’s Research Council and the Department of Research & Data Management (R&D). The Citizen Science Contact Point advises and supports scientists and ensures liaison with national and regional citizen science associations. The establishment of this central hub is one of the key objectives in the VUB’s Research Council’s policy plan (2021-2024) to enhance participatory and community-based research. It makes the VUB the first Flemish university with a central hub for citizen science.

The role of SMIT

To support the development of the Citizen Science Contact Point, a collaboration between the R&D department and the research group SMIT is established. SMIT offers expertise and advice through the organization of co-creation workshops and the development of training materials “Citizen Science Starter Kit”. SMIT also provides ongoing advice through the steering committee and evaluation of concept notes.