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Privacy Policy

Privacy notice imec-SMIT website

The SMIT website only uses cookies with a low risk to website visitors, for which consent from the website visitor is not needed. More details about those cookies can be found below.


Event registration

Personal data requested when you register for one of our events will be kept to a minimum and will not be used beyond providing information about the event, unless you explicitly request to be kept informed about further events or activities. If you do not request further information, personal data entered for event registration will be destroyed after three months.

We will not share your personal data with third parties and do not engage in targeted advertising.


Personal data gathered in SMIT research

SMIT researchers often gather personal data for research purposes. Specific personal data protection policies apply to the research projects we are involved in; contact details for questions about personal data gathered in research will be provided to participants in those projects.


Your rights

If you wish to know which personal data we hold about you (apart from data divulged in research projects), you can contact us at This address can also be used for exercising your other rights as a data subject, such as rectification of incorrect information about you, erasure of information about you, or objection to further processing of information about you.

We may need to ask you for identification to make sure that we are not distributing personal data to the wrong person. In some cases it may not be possible for us to meet your request, for example when we have to keep personal data in order to meet legal obligations, when information about you reveals information about others as well, or when your information was anonymized to such an extent that we cannot trace your data back.

If you have any other questions or concerns about your privacy at SMIT, please feel free to contact us at Complaints about how we treat your personal data can be directed to the Belgian Data Protection Authority.

Read more about your data subject rights.


Cookies used on this website

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer locally. Cookies can serve a variety of purposes: remembering settings, gathering information, or tracking visitor behavior of users. The SMIT website only uses statistical cookies to measure website usage and functional cookies to keep employees logged on.


Google Analytics

We consult the user statistics of our website through Google Analytics. For this purpose, some cookies are loaded when you visit the website. Through these tracking cookies we can see how many users visit our website and we can collect some demographic information (e.g. country of origin).


Logging on as a SMIT employee

When you log in to the WordPress editing environment, a functional cookie is used to keep you logged in and check your access rights.


You can block tracking cookies in the settings of your browser. Find out more.


Who has access to the cookie data?

For visitors:

SMIT and website designer UP Websites have access to aggregated statistics to better understand visitor behaviour on our website and diagnose problems – this information is anonymous. Google Analytics has access to their cookies used for aggregated statistics.


For SMIT employees:

Automattic, the company behind behind WordPress, collects log, usage, and location information to gain insight into how people use their services. They also collect information about your interactions with other websites while you are logged on and may collect information from your mobile device: read more about it in their privacy policy.


Contact details

SMIT is part of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and imec, and is situated at Pleinlaan 9 (2nd floor) in Brussels. The data protection officers for SMIT can therefore be found at VUB ( and imec (