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Policy Brief

Policy brief #26: News personalisation: Problem or solution?

With an increasing number of news items being published every day, news organisations are fighting for online readers’ attention. At the same time, the overload of news items and channels can make online readers feel lost. News personalisation can be a solution, both for news organisations and consumers. However, news personalisation also raises concerns with regards to filter bubbles, the fear of missing out on relevant news items, and privacy. These concerns can make consumers hesitant to embrace news personalisation. But how do you match millions of items to the people out there? And how do we determine what the right content is for the news consumer? The European H2020 project CPN (Content Personalisation Network) aims to tackle these challenges by keeping a strong focus on the ethical implications of personalisation and takes into account the needs of media organisations as well as of news consumers. In this project, SMIT, together with several media companies, aims to offer ‘the right content’ at ‘the right time’, while still preserving sufficient news diversity. To this end, a news personalisation recommender is being developed. We are testing the recommender in three different countries.

(Photo by Rajesh Rajput on Unsplash)

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