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Policy Brief

Policy brief #17: The MediaHub Brussels has officially launched: Get involved and benefit from the new initiative

On June 19, the MediaHub Brussels was launched in the presence of the Flemish Minister for Culture, Youth, Media and Brussels Affairs, Sven Gatz, and the Rector of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Prof. Dr. Caroline Pauwels. The MediaHub Brussels is funded by the Flemish government. Coordinated by SMIT, it aims to strengthen the cooperation between local and international players in the field of media. The initiative’s main goal is to stimulate the innovative capacity and longer-term economic viability of the media industry in Brussels and Flanders. In this Policy Brief, Prof. Dr. Karen Donders, Prof. Dr. Pieter Ballon, Olivier Braet, and Marlen Komorowski explain the MediaHub’s strategies and objectives and how media professionals can benefit from them. We at the MediaHub call on every reader who is interested in getting involved to get in touch with us.

Click here to download the policy brief.