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New publications by SMIT researchers (February 2022 – April 2022)

This is an overview of the latest publications of SMIT researchers for the period February 2022 – April 2022. The publications are divided into the two major programmes of SMIT: Media & Society and Data & Society. Enjoy the read!

Media & Society

Transnational collaborations in the European audiovisual market

Catalina Iordache, Tim Raats and Adelaida Afilipoaie wrote an article for the journal Convergence: the international journal of research into New Media Technologies. The researchers identified patterns of transnationalisation in the evolution of Netflix Original investments in European scripted series between 2012 and 2020. Read more.

Newsroom ethnography

Jonathan Hendrickx and Ike Picone wrote a paper about an ethnographic case study of a private television newsroom owned by DPG Media, a newly merged and dominant media company in the small and highly concentrated media market of Flanders (Belgium). Read more.


Ibero-American audiovisual sector

Marina Rossato Fernandes, together with Karen Donders and Jan Loisen investigated the decision-making process of Ibermedia, one of the main institutions for Ibero-American audiovisual sector. The findings revealed a particular dynamic encompassing informality and affection that sustain a bottom-up connection with its stakeholders generating a positive evaluation.

The paper “Ibermedia as a collaborative space for film co-production policy? A stakeholder analysis on decision-making processes” is published in the Communication & Society journal on open-access format available here.


Blockchain ecosystem

Ivana Kostovska wrote a book chapter that explores the value creation processes in blockchain ecosystems in the creative industries.  The research shows that value propositions of creative industries blockchains are aimed at niche players and mostly rest upon solving long-standing hurdles, for example, seeking to “disrupt the Hollywood studio model.” The chapter “Blockchain ecosystems in the creative industries: big dreams for micro-payments” is published in the Edward Elgar Publishing “Handbook on Digital Business Ecosystems” and available here.



Data & Society


Nathalie Van Raemdonck and  Trisha Meyer of BSoG wrote a book chapter about disinformation as a hybrid threat. The book by Edwar Elgar  will only be published in the fall but the AAM is already available. Read more