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New publications by SMIT researchers

Below you can find an overview of publications of SMIT from January 2021 till March 2021. The publications are divided into the two major programmes of SMIT: Media & Society and Data & Society. Enjoy the read!


Media & Society

Media clusters

Marlen Komorowski and co-author Mate Fodor have analysed the driving factors of media clusters based on data from Brussels. The paper describes four economic drivers: urbanization, localization, agglomeration and perception economies. The findings emphasize that a one-size-fits-all policy regarding media cluster development is best avoided, due to the high levels of heterogeneity in the conditions for success. Find the paper here.



Jonathan Hendrickx, Eladio Montero, Heritiana Ranaivoson andPieter Ballon published their article “Becoming the Data-Informed Newsroom? The Promotion of Audience Metrics in the Newsroom and Journalists’ Interactions with Them” on Taylor & Francis Online. In the article, the authors assess the interactions between user metrics and journalists, as newsrooms shift towards “data-informed” models in which the main online news performance indicator becomes the “time spent” metric, instead of the number of clicks. Read the full article here.



Data & Society


imec published the first Belgian eHealthMonitor on the importance of health data and the digitisation of care. The monitor bundles the results of a survey wherein more than 9000 care takers and patients shared their experiences with eHealth, together with the results of focus groups and interviews with care takers and patients. Several (ex-)researchers of SMIT worked on this monitor: An Jacobs, Charlotte Jewell, Anouk Verhellen, and Michelle Van Gils. More information about the report (also a summary in Dutch).


Business models

The article ‘Open Business Models’ Accountability in Europe; EU Competition Policy Analysis.’ by Mehdi Montakhabi and Shenja van der Graaf deals with the analysis of the actionability of open business models in the context of European competition policy (EUCOMP). Read the article in the Journal of Business Models here.


‘The path to peer-to-peer electricity trading’ by Mustafa A. Mustafa, Fairouz Zobiri, Domenico Orlando, Mehdi Montakhabi, Simon Vanhove, Akash Madhusudan, Yingjie Wang, Emilio José Palacios-García, Sveta Nikova and Geert Deconinck paves the way for successful realisation of peer-to-peer electricity trading by analysing and highlighting the necessary steps to be taken from multidisciplinary (business, grid, data protection and legal) perspectives, taking the European market as a focus.


[Photo by Chris Benson on Unsplash]