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New projects at SMIT: on audiovisual production and distribution, young media(tech) professionals, and screen media entrepreneurship.

Below, you find a brief overview of some projects with SMIT involvement that were recently launched.

Doorlichting audiovisueel beleid (Department Culture, Youth and Media)

In December, SMIT, together with the Department Media, Policy and Culture at the University of Antwerp, started an audit of Flemish audiovisual policy, commissioned by the Flemish Government. The audit includes an analysis and evaluation of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF), the Game Fund, the so-called “Stimuleringsregeling voor dienstenverdelers” (obliging operators to invest in audiovisual production) and the “Investeringsverplichting voor niet-lineaire omroeporganisaties” (obliging OTT providers such as Netflix and DIsney to invest in such productions as well). The study will result in recommendations for the upcoming renewal of the government’s administrative agreement with the VAF and for an improved policy framework for audiovisual production and distribution. The audit will consist of five parts:

  • A contextual analysis of recent trends
  • An audit of the VAF
  • requirements analysis from the viewpoint of the relevant stakeholders
  • An analysis of the functioning and impact of the Game Fund and the needs for the video game sector in Flanders
  • Recommendations for administrative agreement with VAF, and Flemish audiovisual policy

In the coming months, data will be gathered and dozens of interviews are planned. Key issues that are currently subject of fierce debates within the sector and on which the study hopes to shed light are:

  • How desirable and necessary is it to extend certain investment obligations?
  • How much funds are required to maintain local film and television production?
  • To what extent do audiovisual funds need to adapt to the arrival of new players?
  • Which changes should be made to support measures in order to deal with a changed context?
  • Which additional measures need to be taken as a reaction to the COVID-19 crisis?
  • To what extent is the existing funding and implementation of the Game Fund an adequate response to the needs of the sector?

Information: Simon Delaere.


Stars 4 Media

In 2021, the follow-up of the pilot project of Stars4Media was launched. Stars4Media is a large-scale European exchange programme for young media(tech) professionals. Applicants are invited to propose small, interdisciplinary media-related initiatives. The initiatives should aim to promote media innovation, media partnerships across European borders, and support quality journalism. SMIT is one of the core managers of the project, together with Fondation Euractiv. Other partners are the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) and the World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA). The project is funded by the European Union.

For more information visit our website, check the LinkedIn page or mail



The EU H2020 ScreenME-Net project will promote excellence in screen media entrepreneurship from discovery to integration and from teaching to application. Screen media is any media that is produced for or distributed via the screen (cinema, TV, computer, smartphone and tablet screens). Specifically, ScreenME-Net will increase Tallinn University (TLU)’s networking position and visibility in this field. To that end, it will organise networking and collaboration activities with an interdisciplinary set of internationally leading research institutions (Jönköping International Business School in Sweden, LUT University in Finland, Aarhus University in Denmark, Technische Universität Ilmenau in Germany, Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium, and Cork Institute of Technology in Ireland). Finally, it will boost the overall understanding of current dynamics in the media industry as well as their societal effects.

More info: visit project info sheet or contact Heritiana Ranaivoson.


(Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash)