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New projects at SMIT (February 2022 – April 2022)

A brief overview of the projects with SMIT involvement that were launched in the period between February 2022 and April 2022.


Industry 4.0 РKnowledge Centre Data & Society 

Digitalisation, collaborative robots and digital work instruction platforms offer new opportunities for companies in the manufacturing industry that are committed to increasing the flexibility of their production systems. The aim of this ESF project is to develop a roadmap for integrating the new Operator Support Technologies (OAT) into business processes with a focus on human capital.

Concrete actions

Guidance and training schemes will be created for all employees who play a direct or indirect role in the design, configuration and maintenance of flexible working environments equipped with operator support technology, but especially for operators with regard to their day-to-day use. The roadmap, the guidance and training paths will be applied and validated in 6 pilot environments in 6 Flemish companies. This project is a cooperation between the Knowledge Centre Data & Society, VDAB and Flanders Make.

More information

Read more about the project on the ESF website

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