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New projects at SMIT (April 2023 – June 2023)

In this news item, we summarize new projects from April 2023 till June 2023 for you. Enjoy the read!



UP2030 aims to guide cities through the socio-technical transitions required to meet their climate neutrality ambitions. It will do so by enabling a quantum leap from a ´business as usual´, project-by-project decarbonisation approach to a vision-driven, strategy-based approach that is anchored on sound projects and renewed policy development. The approach uses urban planning and design as a vehicle to create better connected, more compact, net-zero neighbourhoods in the city pilots – i.e. neighbourhoods that promote liveability and, through designing with intent, promote mitigation action.

imec-SMIT, VUB will contribute by developing, testing and validating a citizen engagement ‘Story Maps’ tool that will allow citizens to express and share from a first-person perspective the issues they encounter, the concerns they have, and the hopes they with regard to climate and sustainability transitions in their city.

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CLIMAS Horizon Europe

Climate assemblies and Living Labs are considered sustainable and effective tools to foster deliberative democracy in climate policymaking. The CLIMAS project aims to support the transformation towards climate resilience by providing an innovative problem-oriented climate adoption Toolbox, co-designed with stakeholders using a value-based approach, design thinking methods, and citizen science mechanisms. Our research will be carried out with a gender and diversity-sensitive approach, ensuring inclusivity and equity. The Toolbox will proactively address possible tensions, points of controversy, and dilemmas related to the adaptation to resilience. By doing so, the Toolbox aims to enable empowerment and engagement strategies that promote a society “resilient by design”.

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Photo by Eden Constantino on Unsplash