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New projects at SMIT: on urban planning, 5G, medical decision support, and digital inclusion.

Below, you find a brief overview of some projects with SMIT involvement that were recently launched.

URBANAGE project

There is an enormous untapped potential in the use of disruptive technologies to support evidence-based decision-making processes in the field of urban planning. But using disruptive technologies in the urban planning decision-making process bears the risk of excluding some parts of the population; in particular, older adults, who are less digitally literate and might show distrust of decisions and engagement based on technology.

The H2020 project URBANAGE ((Enhaced URBAN planning for AGE-friendly cities through disruptive technologies) aims at assessing the potential benefits, risks and impact of implementing a long-term sustainable framework for data-driven decision-making in the field of urban planning for aging well in cities. This model will be developed through an inclusive co-creation strategy with relevant stakeholders (public servants) and users (older adults).

More info: contact Nils Walravens.

5G Blueprint

5G-Blueprint envisions to design and validate a technical architecture, business and governance model for uninterrupted cross-border tele-operated transport based on 5G connectivity. SMIT will work on the business models and governance structure of a 5G-based international logistics system.

More info: visit project website or contact Simon Delaere.

Study on 5G Supply Market Trends

The purpose of the study for the European Commission is, firstly, to describe as a baseline the status of the European and global 4G and 5G supply markets in 2020. It will identify existing and expected market trends that could be shaped by the technological and strategic developments in this field. Furthermore, it will identify possible policy measures for European and national authorities to address the risks and opportunities of such developments, as well as forecast their impacts on the supply market structure. SMIT will focus on the scenario development and analysis, with an emphasis on the impact of business models of incumbents and new players.

More info: contact Simon Delaere.


This Innoviris project aims to develop a rapid-learning digital health platform. With the developments of this platform the partners (Collibra, UZ Brussel and VUB ETRO and SMIT) will collaborate in this interdisciplinary research project with the objective to integrate the available medical data and facilitate the gathering of large scale datasets of sufficient quality, all while preserving privacy, ensuring stakeholder empowerment and complying with legislation. The project envisions a direct application of the platforms ecosystem by developing models for clinical decision support for Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

More info: contact An Jacobs.

Digital Aging

This SBO-project examines how the all encompassing presence of digital tools and devices has changed and can improve the lives of the older population. Our goal is to on the one hand demystify digital technology, promote inclusion of older people and help them benefit from digital advantages and on the other hand ensure awareness of the pitfalls and risks of digital technology.

More info: contact Cora van Leeuwen.

(Photo by William Iven on Unsplash)