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How to stimulate group renovations? – Project DITUR

DITUR (Digital Twins for Upscaled Retrofits) aims to stimulate group renovations using a digital twin dashboard for policy makers and contractors and an embarkment tool for citizens. The digital twin dashboard will provide insights on recommended renovations to increase energy efficiency in cities. The embarkment tool will support homeowners to make decisions on renovations and provide them with the information packages they need during renovation.

imec-SMIT, VUB will support the development of the digital twin dashboard by exploring which information is key to make informed decisions for policy makers and contractors. The dashboard will guide them in their decision making related to group renovation opportunities. In addition, SMIT will develop appropriate engagement strategies for policy makers to enhance participation of group renovations and energy efficient measures in their cities.

Project partners: AGC, Zero Emission Solutions, Avineon, VITO, imec-mict-ugent, IDLab, June Energy, imec-SMIT-VUB

Project duration: 2 years

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Photo by Milivoj Kuhar on Unsplash