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Happy Data Protection Day!

Today, the 28th of January 2021, is Data Protection Day! To celebrate this day, imec-SMIT-VUB researchers Ine Van Zeeland and Natasja Van Buggenhout wrote a blog post on their research into the value of personal data processing in the Flemish media sector. Highly relevant research as a German court stated on 26 January 2021 that “dark patterns” in cookie requests are not allowed. Dark patterns are misleading design options for consumers or website visitors.

“In order to avoid deception, users must be able to make the choice themselves and also be made aware that there is an alternative to immediately accepting all cookies.” – Ine Van Zeeland and Natasja Van Buggenhout

Do you want to know more about the results of their research? Read their blog post on the website of the Knowledge Centre Data & Society via this URL.