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Training 1: Basics and transformations of media economics

This training is part of the Media Economics Programme, it combines facts and figures of state of the art scientific research with interesting and sometimes conflicting insights from industry experts.

Training 1: Basics and transformations of media economics

For those that are following the full programme training 1 is compulsory.

If you want to register for this training only, you have the option between a 1, 2 or  3 day programme.

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Please note that this training offers no workshop, there are two days of academic lectures and one day of industry experts.

This training provides insight into the fundamental economic forces that are shaping the media industry. It focuses on theoretical and applied economic frameworks that explain the industrial organisation of the media industry, the organisational behaviours of the companies active within that industry, and the strategic management theories that underpin the market choices media executives face. The course provides an overview of the various disruptive forces that media firms face that dramatically transform the way their media goods are produced, aggregated, distributed and consumed.

Key Objectives

  • Obtain in-depth knowledge of the most dominant frameworks in media economics.
  • Understand the core variables of the industrial organisation approach and alternative approaches.
  • Understand the dynamics underlying platformisation.
  • Acquire insights in the impact of technological innovations on the media markets.

Cases and Topics

  • Media economics fundamentals
  • Media business models
  • Platform markets
  • Dynamics of market power

Academic Experts

  • Prof. dr. Pieter Ballon (VUB)
  • Mr. Olivier Braet (VUB)
  • Prof. Dirk Wauters (KULeuven, VRT)

Industry Experts

  • Mr. Aex Thoré (Magis)
  • Mr. Bart Becks (, EURACTIV)
25 Sep 2019 27 Sep 2019

09:30 - 17:30


Pleinlaan 9
1050 Brussels

Close to public transport (Station Etterbeek)
Car parking available


  • day 1
    Media Economic foundations - Prof. Dr. Pieter Ballon
  • day 1
    Political Economy of the media industry - Prof. Dr. Pieter Ballon
  • day 1
    Business model innovation in media
  • day 2
    Tectonic shifts in media consumption - Prof. Dirk Wauters
  • day 2
    Strategic scenario planning - Prof. Dirk Wauters
  • day 2
    Platform markets and media revenue models - Mr. Olivier Braet
  • day 3
    Bringing new media services to market - Mr. Alex Thoré
  • day 3
    The commercial logic of editorial strategies - expert to be confirmed
  • day 3
    Global challenges for the media industry - Mr. Bart Becks


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