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Training 4: Copyright Economics before and after the new copyright directive (11/12 – 13/12)

This training proposes an overview of copyright issues faced by the media industry, from both a legal and an economic perspective, including views from policy-makers and stakeholders in the media industry. While digital technology allows for easier access to a broader range of media content, right holders see their exclusive rights threatened by the development of online platforms. The Copyright Directives will be one focus point of the Course, from the process leading to their adoptions to its potential impact on right holders, intermediaries and consumers.

Training 4: Copyright Economics before and after the new copyright directive

For those that are following the full programme training 4 is elective.

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Key Objectives:

  • Acquire knowledge on the basics of international, European and national IPR copyrightframeworks.
  • Understand the legal and economic justifications and limitations of copyright
  • Understand who are the involved actors and their relationships
  • Understand the shifting context for dealing with IPR copyright in the European media industry due to
  • Provide a balanced overview of topical IPR copyright issues in the digital age and consequences in terms of revenues and industry structure provide participants with a crash course on these European policy domains that affect doing business in media and communications at large, with a focus on Audiovisual Media Services directive, Digital Single Market policies, and competition law.

Cases and topics:

  • Copyright and related rights
  • Media content digitization and innovation
  • Piracy
  • Digital Single Market
  • Cross border environment
  • Broadcasting, ancillary online services, retransmission, by cable and otherwise, and direct injection
  • Rights in press publications
  • Online content sharing service providers, value gap or transfer of value
  • Limitations and exceptions, text and data mining and out of commerce works
  • Exploitation contracts, appropriate remuneration, transparency, contract adjustment, right of revocation
  • Negotiation mechanism, collective licensing and collective management


  • Dr. Heritiana Ranaivoson (VUB)
  • Prof. dr. Fabienne Brison (HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER LLP)
  • Dr. Anne-Catherine Lorrain (European Parliament – Researcher)
  • Dr. Burak Özgen (General Counsel – GESAC)
  • Mr. Maxim Hauk
  • Mr. Tobias Mckenney (Google)
  • Mr. Ted Shapiro – (Wiggin)
11 Dec 2019 13 Dec 2019

09:30 - 17:30


Pleinlaan 9
1050 Brussels

Close to public transport (Station Etterbeek)
Car parking available


  • day 1
    Introduction to copyright in the media sector - Prof. Dr. Fabienne Brison
  • day 1
    The Economics of Copyright - Dr. Heritiana Ranaivoson
  • day 1
    Introduction to the EU Copyright Package - Prof. Dr. Fabienne Brison
  • day 1
    The economy of policy- making and the media industry - Dr. Anne-Catherine Lorrain
  • day 2
    The DSM Directive from the press publishers’ perspective - Mr. Maxim Hauk
  • day 2
    The DSM Directive from Google’s perspective - Mr. Tobias Mckenney
  • day 2
    The DSM Directive from the Audiovisual sSector’s perspective - Mr. Ted Shapiro
  • day 3
    Workshop and exercise


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