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Course 7: Media Economics of Audiovisual Production (5 – 7 May)

Everything you wanted to know about investing and financing in audiovisual production, the fragility of audiovisual markets, and how different support measures can enable producers and distributors.

Course 8: Media Economics of Audiovisual Production

For those that are following the full program, course 8 is elective.

You can also join for only this course, Because of Covid-19 we have adapted the format in order to enable distance teaching so that all students, taking travel restrictions or personal quarantines into account, can fully take part. This means that this course will be completely online and consist of three one-hour lectures per day.

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Since audiovisual production still forms the beating hard of content industries, and core to the business models of global players entering European markets, like Netflix, Amazon, Disney and increasingly Apple and Facebook, it’s crucial to understand why these players invest in original programming, how they do it, and how it impacts traditional media industries in Europe.

This course focuses on the interplay between media economics and audio-visual produc­tion. It combines insights from recent work within production studies, policy studies and media economics, and case studies from industry professionals active in media production. Rather than showing how to produce content, it explains the economics of the audiovisual product and how it affects different production and distribution strategies.

Cases and Topics

  • Overview and analyses of the economics of audiovisual production
  • The different trends affecting the production of scripted content, documentary, feature film and format production
  • Challenges for the audiovisual sector
  • Negotiation techniques

The course curator

Prof. dr Tim Raats

Tim Raats is assistant professor at the Communication Sciences Department of the VUB where he teaches several courses on media policy and economics, and coordinates the departments Medialab. He also leads the Media Economics and Policy unit at imec-SMIT. Besides teaching, he is also often involved in contract research for governments and media players on audiovisual production, support mechanisms and management and policy challenges in audiovisual industries.
He has been obsessed with film and television since childhood, not only watching but also studying the underlying dynamics. As a researcher, he got acquainted with the complexity of audiovisual production and the fragility of so-called media ecosystems. His main objective is to contribute to the sustainability of audiovisual production, especially in small markets such as Flanders. In audiovisual industries, a good story well told is always key, and that’s something academics can hardly contribute to. But we can contribute to analyzing the entire context (policy, education, management strategies, screen agencies) to create good stories that are well told and well sold.

5 May 2021 7 May 2021

09:30 - 12:30


Online - via Zoom


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