Research group at imec & Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Research Result

Business clinics: Using research results in your everyday business

Business clinics help research project members to effectively implement and commercialize research results in their everyday business.

A first step is to identify the needs of the consortium partner and the lessons learned during the project, which may be instrumental to them. We utilize the innovatrix methodology created by imec to translate the impact of user research findings into the concrete impact on the business model.

Based on the innovatrix outcomes, we sit together with consortium partners to specify the roadblocks they face when trying to commercialize the research results. We then translate these challenges into concrete research questions.

We then turn back to the field, to gather feedback from potential clients and users to address these research questions.

A first trial of this methodology was applied in the project ImmersiaTV to assess the value of the innovations being explored by the different commercial partners.