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The AGILE IoT Open Call 1 will be opening soon!

The AGILE IoT consortium is looking for companies to evolve and enhance their unique gateway software and find new hardware applications for it. The selected applicants will receive a subgrant (equity-free) of 50.000€.

The AGILE IoT Open Call 1 will be open for submissions on the F6S platform from October 1, 2017 through October 31, 2017, 23h59. Eight companies will be selected to receive 50,000€ to support projects using and extending the Agile IoT Gateway.

The AGILE IoT project emphasizes widespread and sustainable use of resources by involving 3rd parties who will eventually integrate AGILE software and hardware components into their products. We are looking for companies that can deliver functional prototypes that can be released to the market and who can provide us with a viable business plan. We will support successful applicants in the integration, extension and adaptation of AGILE software and hardware in their products and services.

Possible substitute?

Organizations with these products and services will benefit from the networking and synergies in the AGILE IoT community.

The first AGILE IoT Open Call aims to foster and further the creation of an ecosystem around the AGILE solutions:

  • From the hardware point of view, applicants will be able to exploit AGILE hardware modularity and extend its capabilities.
  • From a software point of view, applicants will be able to exploit the AGILE development environment and implement specific business logic, analytics software, new value added services, management and maintenance solutions, etc., which enhance their core value proposition in the IoT domain while also demonstrating usability of AGILE software solutions.
  • Successful applicants may also extend the existing pilots with additional deployment scenarios and with the establishment of new ones.

If your organization (or an organization you know) is an SME or startup in the IoT field, this open call is for you.

  • Learn more about the program here.
  • IoT entrepreneurs and SME’s in Europe who are interested, can apply here as of October 1.
  • Find out more about the Agile IoT project on
  • For more information on the AGILE IoT Gateway, visit our Wiki and Github pages.