Viktoras Veitas


Personal Description

At SMIT, I concentrate on researching the introduction of new technologies — especially advanced autonomous robots, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things — into the fabric of society. This encompasses the multidisciplinary integration of policy requirements, directions, use cases, business models, technological solutions, economic, safety considerations and much more. I am fascinated by the opportunities that the accelerating technological progress brings to cities, countries and humanity at large together with the transformation of governance methods and business models. I have master degrees in international business management and artificial intelligence, as well as experience in business management consulting, software development and theoretical research. At my work I employ the methodology of project management of complex socio-technological systems, which is broadly based on the social system design paradigm and actor-network theory.

I approach my current work at SMIT through the lens of my prior work: the methodology of project management of complex social systems. I have developed it during master studies at ISM University of Management and Economics (Vilnius, Lithuania), where I graduated in 2007. I also hold a master degree from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) from 2009. Currently I am in the process of finishing my PhD research at the interdisciplinary research centrer Center Leo Apostel (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) on the topic of philosophy of artificial intelligence and decentralized computing. I regularly take courses and training in various domains (see my LinkedIn profile)